pinboard-0.6.1: Access to the Pinboard API

Copyright(c) Jon Schoning, 2015
Safe HaskellNone




These request builders allow you to build request params which can sent via Pinboard.Client, in the case you need more control for how the response should be processed over what Pinboard.Api provides.



getPostsRecentRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe Count

number of results to return. Default is 15, max is 100

-> PinboardRequest 

posts/recent : Returns a list of the user's most recent posts, filtered by tag.

getPostsForDateRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe Date

return results bookmarked on this day

-> Maybe Url

return bookmark for this URL

-> PinboardRequest 

posts/get : Returns one or more posts on a single day matching the arguments. If no date or url is given, date of most recent bookmark will be used.

getPostsAllRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> Maybe StartOffset

offset value (default is 0)

-> Maybe NumResults

number of results to return. Default is all

-> Maybe FromDateTime

return only bookmarks created after this time

-> Maybe ToDateTime

return only bookmarks created before this time

-> Maybe Meta

include a change detection signature for each bookmark

-> PinboardRequest 

posts/all : Returns all bookmarks in the user's account.

getPostsDatesRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Maybe [Tag]

filter by up to three tags

-> PinboardRequest 

posts/dates : Returns a list of dates with the number of posts at each date.

getPostsMRUTimeRequest :: ResultFormatType -> PinboardRequest Source

posts/update : Returns the most recent time a bookmark was added, updated or deleted.

getSuggestedTagsRequest :: ResultFormatType -> Url -> PinboardRequest Source

posts/suggest : Returns a list of popular tags and recommended tags for a given URL. Popular tags are tags used site-wide for the url; Recommended tags are drawn from the user's own tags.

addPostRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Url

the URL of the item

-> Description

Title of the item. This field is unfortunately named description for backwards compatibility with the delicious API

-> Maybe Extended

Description of the item. Called extended for backwards compatibility with delicious API

-> Maybe [Tag]

List of up to 100 tags

-> Maybe DateTime

creation time for this bookmark. Defaults to current time. Datestamps more than 10 minutes ahead of server time will be reset to current server time

-> Maybe Replace

Replace any existing bookmark with this URL. Default is yes. If set to no, will throw an error if bookmark exists

-> Maybe Shared

Make bookmark public. Default is "yes" unless user has enabled the "save all bookmarks as private" user setting, in which case default is "no"

-> Maybe ToRead

Marks the bookmark as unread. Default is "no"

-> PinboardRequest 

posts/add : Add a bookmark

deletePostRequest :: ResultFormatType -> Url -> PinboardRequest Source

posts/delete : Delete an existing bookmark.


getTagsRequest :: ResultFormatType -> PinboardRequest Source

tags/get : Returns a full list of the user's tags along with the number of times they were used.

renameTagRequest Source


:: ResultFormatType 
-> Old

note: match is not case sensitive

-> New

if empty, nothing will happen

-> PinboardRequest 

tags/rename : Rename an tag, or fold it in to an existing tag

deleteTagRequest :: ResultFormatType -> Tag -> PinboardRequest Source

tags/delete : Delete an existing tag.


getUserSecretRssKeyRequest :: ResultFormatType -> PinboardRequest Source

user/secret : Returns the user's secret RSS key (for viewing private feeds)

getUserApiTokenRequest :: ResultFormatType -> PinboardRequest Source

user/api_token : Returns the user's API token (for making API calls without a password)


getNoteListRequest :: ResultFormatType -> PinboardRequest Source

notes/list : Returns a list of the user's notes (note text detail is not included)

getNoteRequest :: ResultFormatType -> NoteId -> PinboardRequest Source

notes/id : Returns an individual user note. The hash property is a 20 character long sha1 hash of the note text.