pipes-3.2.0: Compositional pipelines

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Default imports for the Control.Proxy hierarchy



Control.Proxy.Class defines the Proxy type class that lets you program generically over proxy implementations and their transformers.

Control.Proxy.Synonym defines type synonyms for proxies that don't use all of their inputs or outputs, such as Pipes, Producers, and Servers.

Control.Proxy.Prelude provides a standard library of proxies.

Control.Proxy.Trans defines the ProxyTrans type class that lets you write your own proxy extensions.

Control.Proxy.Trans.Identity exports runIdentityP, which substantially eases writing completely polymorphic proxies.

Control.Proxy.ListT defines a generalized ListT monad transformer that can interconvert with proxies.

Control.Proxy.Morph exports hoistP.

Control.Monad exports forever, (>=>), and (<=<).

Control.Monad.Trans.Class exports lift.

Control.Monad.Morph exports hoist.