{-| You can define your own proxy extensions by writing your own \"proxy
    transformers\".  Proxy transformers are monad transformers that also
    correctly lift all proxy operations from the base proxy type to the
    extended proxy type.  Stack multiple proxy transformers to chain features
module Control.Proxy.Trans (
    -- * Proxy Transformers

    -- * Deprecated
    -- $deprecate
    ) where

import Control.Proxy.Class (Proxy)

-- | Uniform interface to lifting proxies
class ProxyTrans t where
    liftP :: (Monad m, Proxy p) => p a' a b' b m r -> t p a' a b' b m r

{- $deprecate
    To be removed in version @4.0.0@

mapP :: (Monad m, Proxy p, ProxyTrans t)
     => (q -> p a' a b' b m r) -> (q -> t p a' a b' b m r)
mapP = (liftP .)
{-# INLINABLE mapP #-}
{-# DEPRECATED mapP "Use '(liftP .)' instead" #-}