pipes-text- Text pipes.

pipes-text- Text pipes.

  • This package will be in a draft, or testing, phase until version 0.0.1. Please report any installation difficulties, or any wisdom about the api, on the github page or the pipes list

This organization of the package follows the rule

  • pipes-text : pipes-bytestring :: text : bytestring

Familiarity with the other three packages should give one an idea what to expect where. The package has three modules, Pipes.Text , Pipes.Text.Encoding and Pipes.Text.IO; the division has more or less the significance it has in the text library.

Note that the module Pipes.Text.IO is present as a convenience (as is Data.Text.IO). Official pipes IO would use Pipes.ByteString and the decoding functions present here, based on the new Michael Snoyman's new text-stream-decoding package. In particular, the Pipes.Text.IO functions use Text exceptions.

Pipes.Text.IO uses version 0.11.3 or later of the text library. It thus works with the version of text that came with the 2013 Haskell Platform. To use an older text, install with the flag -fnoio