plot-0.1.1: A plotting library, exportable as eps/pdf/svg/png or renderable with gtk

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Graphical plots


Re-exported for convenience


Create some data:

 ln = 25
 ts = linspace ln (0,1)
 rs = randomVector 0 Gaussian ln
 ss = sin (15*2*pi*ts)
 ds = 0.25*rs + ss
 es = constant (0.25*(stddev rs)) ln
 fs :: Double -> Double
 fs = sin . (15*2*pi*)

Perform actions in 'Figure a' to create a figure

 test_graph = do
         withTextDefaults $ setFontFamily "OpenSymbol"
         withTitle $ setText "Testing plot package:"
         withSubTitle $ do
                        setText "with 1 second of a 15Hz sine wave"
                        setFontSize 10
         setPlots 1 1
         withPlot (1,1) $ do
                          setDataset (ts,[point (ds,es) (Cross,red),line fs blue])
                          addAxis XAxis (Side Lower) $ withAxisLabel $ setText "time (s)"
                          addAxis YAxis (Side Lower) $ withAxisLabel $ setText "amplitude"
                          addAxis XAxis (Value 0) $ return ()
                          setRangeFromData XAxis Lower
                          setRange YAxis Lower (-1.25) 1.25

Render the graph to a Cairo 'Render ()' action that takes the width and height of the drawing area

 test_render :: (Double,Double) -> Render ()
 test_render = render test_graph

The same graph using the Simple interface

 test_graph2 = do
         plot (ts,[point (ds,es) (Cross,red),line fs blue])
         title "Testing plot package:"
         subtitle "with 1 second of a 15Hz sine wave"
         xlabel "time (s)"
         ylabel "amplitude"
         yrange (-1.25) 1.25

The 'Render a' action can be used in GTK or with Cairo to write to file in PS, PDF, SVG, or PNG

Display a greyscale matrix

 ms :: Matrix Double
 ms = buildMatrix 64 64 (\(x,y) -> sin (2*2*pi*(fromIntegral x)/64) * cos (5*2*pi*(fromIntegral y)/64))
 mat_fig = do
         setPlots 1 1
         withPlot (1,1) $ do 
                          setDataset ms
                          addAxis XAxis (Side Lower) $ setTickLabelFormat "%.0f"
                          addAxis YAxis (Side Lower) $ setTickLabelFormat "%.0f"
                          setRangeFromData XAxis Lower
                          setRangeFromData YAxis Lower

The ODE example from hmatrix:

 import Numeric.GSL
 import Numeric.LinearAlgebra
 xdot t [x,v] = [v, -0.95*x - 0.1*v]
 ts = linspace 100 (0,20)
 sol = odeSolve xdot [10,0] ts
 ode_fig = plot (Line,ts,[sol])