ply-loader- PLY file loader.

Safe HaskellNone





skip :: Parser ()Source

Skip white space, comments, and obj_info lines.

format :: Parser FormatSource

Parse a PLY file format line

Numeric type parsers

line :: Parser ByteStringSource

Take everything up to the end of the line

word :: Parser ByteStringSource

Take the next white space-delimited word.

parseList :: ScalarT -> Parser [Scalar]Source

Parse a monotyped list of values. All returned Scalar values will be of the type corresponding to the specific ScalarT given.

multiProps :: [Property] -> Parser [Scalar]Source

Parse a flat property list

header :: Parser (Format, [Element])Source

Parse a PLY header.

parseSkip :: Parser a -> ByteString -> ByteStringSource

Advance a ByteString to where a given Parser finishes. An error is raised if the parser fails to complete.