Changelog for pointfree-

v1.0.4.5: * Fix using show when I meant prettyprint * Fix testsuite dependencies * Replace mtl dep with transformers * Broaden HSE dep version range v1.0.4.4: * Replace custom parser with HSE parser, fixing many bugs * Dependency update for GHC 7.6 * Use cabal's test-suite stuff v1.0.4.3: * Dependency update for GHC 7.4 v1.0.4.2: (never released on Hackage) * Dependency update for GHC 7.2 v1.0.4.1: * Metadata fix v1.0.4: * Modernise pragma/extension usage * Update for mtl-2 * Squash some warnings v1.0.3: * Last version released before I took maintainership