pointless-lenses-0.0.4: Pointless Lenses library




Pointless Lenses: bidirectional lenses with point-free programming

This module provides catamorphism and anamorphism bidirectional combinators for the definition of recursive lenses.



inn_lns :: Mu a => Lens (F a a) aSource

The inn point-free combinator.

out_lns :: Mu a => Lens a (F a a)Source

The out point-free combinator.

fmap_lns :: Fctrable f => Fix f -> Lens c a -> Lens (Rep f c) (Rep f a)Source

The functor mapping function fmap as a lens.

fzip :: Fctr f -> (a -> c) -> (Rep f a, Rep f c) -> Rep f (a, c)Source

The polytypic functor zipping combinator. Gives preference to the abstract (first) F-structure.

ana_lns :: (Mu b, Fctrable (PF b)) => b -> Lens a (F b a) -> Lens a bSource

The ana recursion pattern as a lens. For ana_lns to be a well-behaved lens, we MUST prove termination of |get| for each instance.

cata_lns :: (Mu a, Fctrable (PF a)) => a -> Lens (F a b) b -> Lens a bSource

The cata recursion pattern as a lens. For cata_lns to be a well-behaved lens, we MUST prove termination of |put| and |create| for each instance.

nat_lns :: (Mu a, Mu b, Fctrable (PF b)) => a -> NatLens (PF a) (PF b) -> Lens a bSource

The recursion pattern for recursive functions that can be expressed both as anamorphisms and catamorphisms. Proofs of termination are dismissed.

binn_lns :: Bimu d => Lens (B d a (d a)) (d a)Source

bout_lns :: Bimu d => Lens (d a) (B d a (d a))Source

bmap_lns :: Bifctrable f => BFix f -> Lens c a -> NatLens (BRep f c) (BRep f a)Source

The bifunctor mapping function bmap as a lens.

bzip :: x -> Bifctr f -> (a -> c) -> (Rep (BRep f a) x, Rep (BRep f c) x) -> Rep (BRep f (a, c)) xSource

The polytypic bifunctor zipping combinator. Just maps over the polymorphic parameter. To map over the recursive parameter we can use fzip.

gmap_lns :: (Mu (d c), Mu (d a), Fctrable (PF (d c)), Bifctrable (BF d), F (d a) (d a) ~ B d a (d a), F (d c) (d a) ~ B d c (d a)) => d a -> Lens c a -> Lens (d c) (d a)Source

Generic mapping lens for parametric types with one polymorphic parameter. Cannot be defined using nat_lns because of the required equality constraints between functors and bifunctors. This could, however, be overcome by defining specific recursive combinators for bifunctors.