polysoup-0.3.0: Online XML parsing with polyparse and tagsoup

Safe HaskellNone



The module re-exports individual submodules of the library.



Defines XML tree and provides XML parsing and printing utilities, which can be used to transform between a tagsoup representation of an XML and its tree representation.

Defines a generic predicate type, which is subsequently used to implement a simple XML tag parser and an XML tree parser.

Defines a generic parser which can be used, in particular, to parse XML forests. The main characteristic of the parser is that it can be used in a sequential (sub-trees are processed in order) and a selective (subtrees are process regardless of their position) way.

Provides basic tag-level predicates.

Provides many parsing combinators. In particular, it provides a family of combinators which can be used for simple traversals of an XML tree. Different kinds of combinators can be interleaved to construct a composite parser.