Changelog for pop3-client-0.1.4

CHANGELOG of pop3-client ------------------------ Version 0.1.4: - Adding deleteMessage to allow marking messages on the server for deletion Version 0.1.3: - Exported some types needed to write type declarations in client code - Refactored withPOP3 to take a single POP3Account record with all connection and authentication info - The authenticate function became private and doesn't need to be called by client code anymore - Added error handling to the POP3 monad - Added and example to the Haddock documentation on parsing email headers with hsemail Version 0.1.2: - Added this changelog - Created repository on with the sources Version 0.1.1: - Fixed license mentioned in the source file - Fixed base library dependency in cabal file Version 0.1: - First publicly released version - Supports all major POP3 commands except the delete command and the APOP authentication mechanism