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Package pred-trie-0.6.1
Install DependencyFailed pred-trie-0.6.1
Docs NotTried
Tests NotTried
Time submitted 2018-11-21 00:01:58.640984449 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.6.1
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies QuickCheck-, base-, containers-, deepseq-, hashable-, hashtables-, mtl-2.2.2, poly-arity-0.1.0, pred-set-0.0.1, semigroups-0.18.5, strict-0.3.2, tries-0.0.6, unordered-containers-
Flags none

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Warning: The install command is a part of the legacy v1 style of cabal usage.

Please switch to using either the new project style and the new-install
command or the legacy v1-install alias as new-style projects will become the
default in the next version of cabal-install. Please file a bug if you cannot
replicate a working v1- use case with the new-style commands.

For more information, see:

Resolving dependencies...
Starting     StateVar-
Starting     base-compat-0.10.5
Building     StateVar-
Building     base-compat-0.10.5
Completed    StateVar-
Starting     base-orphans-0.8
Building     base-orphans-0.8
Completed    base-orphans-0.8
Starting     cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Building     cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Completed    base-compat-0.10.5
Starting     composition-
Building     composition-
Completed    composition-
Starting     erf-
Completed    cabal-doctest-1.0.6
Starting     hashable-
Building     erf-
Building     hashable-
Completed    erf-
Starting     integer-logarithms-
Building     integer-logarithms-
Completed    hashable-
Starting     old-locale-
Completed    integer-logarithms-
Starting     primitive-
Building     old-locale-
Building     primitive-
Completed    old-locale-
Starting     random-1.1
Building     random-1.1
Completed    random-1.1
Starting     semigroups-0.18.5
Building     semigroups-0.18.5
Completed    semigroups-0.18.5
Starting     strict-0.3.2
Building     strict-0.3.2
Completed    strict-0.3.2
Starting     tagged-0.8.6
Building     tagged-0.8.6
Completed    primitive-
Starting     th-abstraction-
Building     th-abstraction-
Completed    tagged-0.8.6
Starting     transformers-compat-0.6.2
Building     transformers-compat-0.6.2
Completed    transformers-compat-0.6.2
Starting     contravariant-1.5
Completed    th-abstraction-
Starting     unordered-containers-
Building     contravariant-1.5
Building     unordered-containers-
Completed    contravariant-1.5
Starting     case-insensitive-
Building     case-insensitive-
Completed    case-insensitive-
Starting     old-time-
Building     old-time-
Completed    unordered-containers-
Starting     uuid-types-1.0.3
Building     uuid-types-1.0.3
Completed    old-time-
Starting     vector-
Building     vector-
Completed    uuid-types-1.0.3
Starting     tf-random-0.5
Building     tf-random-0.5
Completed    tf-random-0.5
Starting     scientific-
Building     scientific-
Completed    scientific-
Starting     distributive-0.6
Building     distributive-0.6
Completed    distributive-0.6
Starting     transformers-base-
Building     transformers-base-
Completed    transformers-base-
Starting     exceptions-0.10.0
Building     exceptions-0.10.0
Completed    exceptions-0.10.0
Starting     constraints-0.10.1
Building     constraints-0.10.1
Completed    vector-
Starting     QuickCheck-
Completed    constraints-0.10.1
Starting     comonad-5.0.4
Building     QuickCheck-
Building     comonad-5.0.4
Completed    comonad-5.0.4
Starting     witherable-0.3
Building     witherable-0.3
Completed    witherable-0.3
Starting     hashtables-
Building     hashtables-
Completed    QuickCheck-
Starting     commutative-0.0.2
Building     commutative-0.0.2
Completed    commutative-0.0.2
Starting     poly-arity-0.1.0
Completed    hashtables-
Starting     bifunctors-5.5.3
Building     poly-arity-0.1.0
Building     bifunctors-5.5.3
Completed    poly-arity-0.1.0
Starting     quickcheck-instances-0.3.19
Building     quickcheck-instances-0.3.19
Completed    quickcheck-instances-0.3.19
Starting     HSet-0.0.1
Building     HSet-0.0.1
Completed    bifunctors-5.5.3
Starting     semigroupoids-5.3.1
Completed    HSet-0.0.1
Starting     profunctors-5.3
Building     profunctors-5.3
Building     semigroupoids-5.3.1
Completed    profunctors-5.3
Starting     pred-set-0.0.1
Building     pred-set-0.0.1
Completed    pred-set-0.0.1
Completed    semigroupoids-5.3.1
Starting     free-5.1
Building     free-5.1
Completed    free-5.1
Starting     keys-3.12.1
Building     keys-3.12.1
Completed    keys-3.12.1
Starting     sets-0.0.6
Building     sets-0.0.6
Failed to install sets-0.0.6
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/ghc-8.6.1/sets-0.0.6-8AwjzAjEnHPL5AbEkEw5Ho.log ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-4582/sets-0.0.6'
Configuring sets-0.0.6...
Preprocessing library for sets-0.0.6..
Building library for sets-0.0.6..
[1 of 9] Compiling Data.Set.Ordered.Many ( src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs, dist/build/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.o )

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:17:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Data.Traversable’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘Data.Traversable’
    To import instances alone, use: import Data.Traversable()
17 | import Data.Traversable
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:18:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Data.Maybe’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘Data.Maybe’
    To import instances alone, use: import Data.Maybe()
18 | import Data.Maybe (fromJust, isJust, mapMaybe)
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:19:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘!?’ from module ‘Data.Vector’ is redundant
19 | import Data.Vector (Vector, (!?))
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:21:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Control.Applicative’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘Control.Applicative’
    To import instances alone, use: import Control.Applicative()
21 | import Control.Applicative
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:22:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Control.Monad.Fix’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘Control.Monad.Fix’
    To import instances alone, use: import Control.Monad.Fix()
22 | import Control.Monad.Fix
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:23:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Control.Monad.State’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘Control.Monad.State’
    To import instances alone, use: import Control.Monad.State()
23 | import Control.Monad.State
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:27:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘System.IO.Unsafe’ is redundant
      except perhaps to import instances from ‘System.IO.Unsafe’
    To import instances alone, use: import System.IO.Unsafe()
27 | import System.IO.Unsafe (unsafePerformIO)
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Many.hs:45:1: warning: [-Worphans]
    Orphan instance: instance MonadBase Gen Gen
    To avoid this
        move the instance declaration to the module of the class or of the type, or
        wrap the type with a newtype and declare the instance on the new type.
45 | instance MonadBase Gen Gen where
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^...
[2 of 9] Compiling Data.Set.Ordered.Unique ( src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique.hs, dist/build/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique.o )
[3 of 9] Compiling Data.Set.Ordered.Unique.Finite ( src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/Finite.hs, dist/build/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/Finite.o )
[4 of 9] Compiling Data.Set.Ordered.Unique.With ( src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/With.hs, dist/build/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/With.o )

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/With.hs:165:31: error:
    • Data.Map.fold is gone. Use foldr.
    • In the expression: Map.fold f acc xs
      In an equation for ‘fold’:
          fold f acc (SetWith (_, xs)) = Map.fold f acc xs
165 | fold f acc (SetWith (_,xs)) = Map.fold f acc xs
    |                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/With.hs:223:29: error:
    • showTree has moved to Data.Map.Internal.Debug.showTree.
    • In the expression: Map.showTree xs
      In an equation for ‘showTree’:
          showTree (SetWith (_, xs)) = Map.showTree xs
223 | showTree (SetWith (_,xs)) = Map.showTree xs
    |                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

src/Data/Set/Ordered/Unique/With.hs:226:39: error:
    • showTreeWith has moved to Data.Map.Internal.Debug.showTreeWith.
    • In the expression: Map.showTreeWith f a b xs
      In an equation for ‘showTreeWith’:
          showTreeWith f a b (SetWith (_, xs)) = Map.showTreeWith f a b xs
226 | showTreeWith f a b (SetWith (_,xs)) = Map.showTreeWith f a b xs
    |                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-4582/sets-0.0.6'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
pred-trie-0.6.1-2lEagUTKY3uH906qST6Zab depends on pred-trie-0.6.1 which failed
to install.
rose-trees- depends on rose-trees- which
failed to install.
sets-0.0.6-8AwjzAjEnHPL5AbEkEw5Ho failed during the building phase. The
exception was:
ExitFailure 1
tries-0.0.6-IaOpFjsXzUq7llTtm4u5fX depends on tries-0.0.6 which failed to