propellor-0.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




propertyList :: Desc -> [Property] -> PropertySource

Combines a list of properties, resulting in a single property - that when run will run each property in the list in turn, - and print out the description of each as it's run. Does not stop - on failure; does propigate overall success/failure.

combineProperties :: [Property] -> PropertySource

Combines a list of properties, resulting in one property that - ensures each in turn, stopping on failure.

flagFile :: Property -> FilePath -> PropertySource

Makes a perhaps non-idempotent Property be idempotent by using a flag - file to indicate whether it has run before. - Use with caution.

onChange :: Property -> Property -> PropertySource

Whenever a change has to be made for a Property, causes a hook - Property to also be run, but not otherwise.

requires :: Property -> Property -> PropertySource

Indicates that the first property can only be satisfied once - the second is.

check :: IO Bool -> Property -> PropertySource

Makes a Property only be performed when a test succeeds.