propellor-0.9.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

Safe HaskellNone




askInfo :: (Info -> Val a) -> Propellor (Maybe a)Source

ipv4 :: String -> PropertySource

Indidate that a host has an A record in the DNS.

TODO check at run time if the host really has this address. (Can't change the host's address, but as a sanity check.)

ipv6 :: String -> PropertySource

Indidate that a host has an AAAA record in the DNS.

alias :: Domain -> PropertySource

Indicates another name for the host in the DNS.

When the host's ipv4/ipv6 addresses are known, the alias is set up to use their address, rather than using a CNAME. This avoids various problems with CNAMEs, and also means that when multiple hosts have the same alias, a DNS round-robin is automatically set up.

getSshPubKey :: Propellor (Maybe String)Source

findHost :: [Host] -> HostName -> Maybe HostSource