propellor-0.9.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

Safe HaskellNone




type Url = StringSource

type Section = StringSource

backportSuite :: DebianSuite -> Maybe StringSource

debLine :: String -> Url -> [Section] -> LineSource

securityUpdates :: SourcesGeneratorSource

Only available for Stable and Testing

stdSourcesList :: PropertySource

Makes sources.list have a standard content using the mirror CDN, with the Debian suite configured by the os.

Since the CDN is sometimes unreliable, also adds backup lines using

stdSourcesList' :: DebianSuite -> [SourcesGenerator] -> PropertySource

Adds additional sources.list generators.

Note that if a Property needs to enable an apt source, it's better to do so via a separate file in etcaptsources.list.d

runApt :: [String] -> PropertySource

noninteractiveEnv :: [(String, String)]Source

type Package = StringSource

installed' :: [String] -> [Package] -> PropertySource

installedMin :: [Package] -> PropertySource

Minimal install of package, without recommends.

buildDepIn :: FilePath -> PropertySource

Installs the build deps for the source package unpacked in the specifed directory, with a dummy package also installed so that autoRemove won't remove them.

robustly :: Property -> PropertySource

Package installation may fail becuse the archive has changed. Run an update in that case and retry.

isInstalled' :: [Package] -> IO [Bool]Source

Note that the order of the returned list will not always correspond to the order of the input list. The number of items may even vary. If apt does not know about a package at all, it will not be included in the result list.

unattendedUpgrades :: RevertablePropertySource

Enables unattended upgrades. Revert to disable.

reConfigure :: Package -> [(String, String, String)] -> PropertySource

Preseeds debconf values and reconfigures the package so it takes effect.

serviceInstalledRunning :: Package -> PropertySource

Ensures that a service is installed and running.

Assumes that there is a 1:1 mapping between service names and apt package names.

data AptKey Source




keyname :: String
pubkey :: String

cacheCleaned :: PropertySource

Cleans apt's cache of downloaded packages to avoid using up disk space.