propellor-0.9.2: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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randomHostKeys :: Property Source

Blows away existing host keys and make new ones. Useful for systems installed from an image that might reuse host keys. A flag file is used to only ever do this once.

hostKeys :: Context -> Property Source

Sets all types of ssh host keys from the privdata.

hostKey :: SshKeyType -> Context -> Property Source

Sets a single ssh host key from the privdata.

keyImported :: SshKeyType -> UserName -> Context -> Property Source

Sets up a user with a ssh private key and public key pair from the PrivData.

knownHost :: [Host] -> HostName -> UserName -> Property Source

Puts some host's ssh public key into the known_hosts file for a user.

authorizedKeys :: UserName -> Context -> Property Source

Makes a user have authorized_keys from the PrivData

listenPort :: Int -> RevertableProperty Source

Makes the ssh server listen on a given port, in addition to any other ports it is configured to listen on.

Revert to prevent it listening on a particular port.