propellor-2.16.0: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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mainProperties :: Host -> IO () Source

Gets the Properties of a Host, and ensures them all, with nice display of what's being done.

runPropellor :: Host -> Propellor Result -> IO Result Source

Runs a Propellor action with the specified host.

If the Result is not FailedChange, any EndActions that were accumulated while running the action are then also run.

ensureProperty :: Property NoInfo -> Propellor Result Source

For when code running in the Propellor monad needs to ensure a Property.

This can only be used on a Property that has NoInfo.

ensureProperties :: [Property NoInfo] -> Propellor Result Source

Ensures a list of Properties, with a display of each as it runs.

fromHost :: [Host] -> HostName -> Propellor a -> Propellor (Maybe a) Source

Lifts an action into the context of a different host.

fromHost hosts "otherhost" Ssh.getHostPubKey