propellor-2.8.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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debootstrapped :: System -> DebootstrapConfig -> FilePath -> Chroot Source

Defines a Chroot at the given location, built with debootstrap.

Properties can be added to configure the Chroot.

 debootstrapped (System (Debian Unstable) "amd64") Debootstrap.BuildD "/srv/chroot/ghc-dev"
    & Apt.installed ["ghc", "haskell-platform"]
	& ...

provisioned :: Chroot -> RevertableProperty Source

Ensures that the chroot exists and is provisioned according to its properties.

Reverting this property removes the chroot. Anything mounted inside it is first unmounted. Note that it does not ensure that any processes that might be running inside the chroot are stopped.

Internal use

propellChroot :: Chroot -> ([String] -> IO (CreateProcess, IO ())) -> Bool -> Property NoInfo Source

Propellor is run inside the chroot to provision it.

chain :: [Host] -> CmdLine -> IO () Source