propellor-4.7.6: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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Partition specification combinators.



type PartSpec t = (Maybe MountPoint, MountOpts, PartSize -> Partition, t) Source #

Specifies a mount point, mount options, and a constructor for a Partition that determines its size.

partition :: Monoid t => Fs -> PartSpec t Source #

Specifies a partition with a given filesystem.

The partition is not mounted anywhere by default; use the combinators below to configure it.

swapPartition :: Monoid t => PartSize -> PartSpec t Source #

Specifies a swap partition of a given size.

mountedAt :: PartSpec t -> FilePath -> PartSpec t Source #

Specifies where to mount a partition.

setSize :: PartSpec t -> PartSize -> PartSpec t Source #

Specify a fixed size for a partition.

mountOpt :: ToMountOpts o => PartSpec t -> o -> PartSpec t Source #

Specifies a mount option, such as "noexec"

errorReadonly :: MountOpts Source #

Mount option to make a partition be remounted readonly when there's an error accessing it.

reservedSpacePercentage :: PartSpec t -> Int -> PartSpec t Source #

Sets the percent of the filesystem blocks reserved for the super-user.

The default is 5% for ext2 and ext4. Some filesystems may not support this.

setFlag :: PartSpec t -> PartFlag -> PartSpec t Source #

Sets a flag on the partition.

extended :: PartSpec t -> PartSpec t Source #

Makes a MSDOS partition be Extended, rather than Primary.

adjustt :: PartSpec t -> (t -> t) -> PartSpec t Source #

defSz :: PartSize Source #

Default partition size when not otherwize specified is 128 MegaBytes.