propellor-5.13: property-based host configuration management in haskell
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built :: FilePath -> System -> DebootstrapConfig -> Property Linux Source #

Builds a chroot in the given directory using debootstrap.

The System can be any OS and architecture that debootstrap and the kernel support.

When the System is architecture that the kernel does not support, it can still be bootstrapped using emulation. This is determined by checking supportsArch, or can be configured with UseEmulation.

When emulation is used, the chroot will have an additional binary installed in it. To get a completelty clean chroot (eg for producing a bootable disk image), use the removeHostEmulationBinary property.

built' :: Property Linux -> FilePath -> System -> DebootstrapConfig -> Property Linux Source #

Like built, but uses the provided Property to install debootstrap.

installed :: RevertableProperty Linux Linux Source #

Ensures debootstrap is installed.

When necessary, falls back to installing debootstrap from source. Note that installation from source is done by downloading the tarball from a Debian mirror, with no cryptographic verification.