propellor-5.4.1: property-based host configuration management in haskell

Safe HaskellNone




foreignBinariesEmulated :: RevertableProperty Linux Linux Source #

Installs qemu user mode emulation binaries, built statically, which allow foreign binaries to run directly.

Note that this is not necessary after qemu 2.12~rc3+dfsg-1. See It's currently always done to support older versions, but could be skipped with the newer version.

removeHostEmulationBinary :: FilePath -> Property Linux Source #

Removes qemu user mode emulation binary for the host CPU. This binary is copied into a chroot by qemu-debootstrap, and is not part of any package.

Note that removing the binary will prevent using the chroot on the host system.

The FilePath is the path to the top of the chroot.

supportsArch :: System -> Architecture -> Bool Source #

Check if the given System supports an Architecture.

For example, on Debian, X86_64 supports X86_32, and vice-versa.