pubsub-0.11: A library for Google/SixApart pubsub hub interaction

PortabilityInteracting with hubs implementing the PubSubHub protocol
MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <>



for publish-subscribing to URL change notifications over HTTP. Nice and simple (the protocol, that is :-) )



notifyContent :: Request -> IO (Response, Maybe Feed)Source

Handle incoming POST notification of updated topic content. Checks to see that the MIME type is indeed atom. Returns the feed along with status code (and headers) to respond with. A result of Nothing should be interpreted as an error and responded to accordingly.

handleVerify :: Subscribe -> Request -> ResponseSource

In response to a (un)subscription POST request, a hub will do a POSTback to verify the request. The Subscribe argument is the same as the one used to issue the original (un)subscription request.