purescript-0.11.1: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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Functions to access psc-ide's state



getLoadedModulenames :: Ide m => m [ModuleName] Source #

Gets the loaded Modulenames

getExternFiles :: Ide m => m (ModuleMap ExternsFile) Source #

Gets all loaded ExternFiles

resetIdeState :: Ide m => m () Source #

Resets all State inside psc-ide

cacheRebuild :: Ide m => ExternsFile -> m () Source #

Sets rebuild cache to the given ExternsFile

insertExterns :: Ide m => ExternsFile -> m () Source #

Adds an ExternsFile into psc-ide's State Stage1. This does not populate the following Stages, which needs to be done after all the necessary Exterms have been loaded.

insertModule :: Ide m => (FilePath, Module) -> m () Source #

Insert a Module into Stage1 of the State

insertExternsSTM :: TVar IdeState -> ExternsFile -> STM () Source #

STM version of insertExterns

getAllModules :: Ide m => Maybe ModuleName -> m [(ModuleName, [IdeDeclarationAnn])] Source #

Checks if the given ModuleName matches the last rebuild cache and if it does returns all loaded definitions + the definitions inside the rebuild cache

populateStage2 :: (Ide m, MonadLogger m) => m () Source #

Extracts source spans from the parsed ASTs

populateStage3 :: (Ide m, MonadLogger m) => m () Source #

Resolves reexports and populates Stage3 with data to be used in queries.

resolveOperatorsForModule :: ModuleMap [IdeDeclarationAnn] -> [IdeDeclarationAnn] -> [IdeDeclarationAnn] Source #

Looks up the types and kinds for operators and assigns them to their declarations