purescript-0.11.2: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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Functions for converting PureScript ASTs into values of the data types from Language.PureScript.Docs.



convertModules :: MonadError MultipleErrors m => (ModuleName -> InPackage ModuleName) -> [Module] -> m [Module] Source #

Convert a group of modules to the intermediate format, designed for producing documentation from.

Note that the whole module dependency graph must be included in the list; if some modules import things from other modules, then those modules must also be included.

For value declarations, if explicit type signatures are omitted, or a wildcard type is used, then we typecheck the modules and use the inferred types.

convertModulesInPackage :: MonadError MultipleErrors m => [Module] -> Map ModuleName PackageName -> m [Module] Source #

Like convertModules, except that it takes a list of modules, together with their dependency status, and discards dependency modules in the resulting documentation.