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Functions relating to skolemization used during typechecking



newSkolemConstant :: UnifyT Type Check Int Source

Generate a new skolem constant

introduceSkolemScope :: Type -> UnifyT Type Check Type Source

Introduce skolem scope at every occurence of a ForAll

newSkolemScope :: UnifyT Type Check SkolemScope Source

Generate a new skolem scope

skolemize :: String -> Int -> SkolemScope -> Type -> Type Source

Skolemize a type variable by replacing its instances with fresh skolem constants

skolemizeTypesInValue :: String -> Int -> SkolemScope -> Expr -> Expr Source

This function has one purpose - to skolemize type variables appearing in a SuperClassDictionary placeholder. These type variables are somewhat unique since they are the only example of scoped type variables.

skolemEscapeCheck :: Expr -> Check () Source

Ensure skolem variables do not escape their scope