purescript-0.6.7: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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Common code generation utility functions



identToJs :: Ident -> String Source

Convert an Ident into a valid Javascript identifier:

  • Alphanumeric characters are kept unmodified.
  • Reserved javascript identifiers are prefixed with $$.
  • Symbols are prefixed with $ followed by a symbol name or their ordinal value.

identNeedsEscaping :: String -> Bool Source

Test if a string is a valid JS identifier without escaping.

identCharToString :: Char -> String Source

Attempts to find a human-readable name for a symbol, if none has been specified returns the ordinal value.

nameIsJsReserved :: String -> Bool Source

Checks whether an identifier name is reserved in Javascript.

properNameIsJsReserved :: String -> Bool Source

Checks whether a proper name is reserved in Javascript.