rabocsv2qif-1.1.4: A library and program to create QIF files from Rabobank CSV exports.

Safe HaskellNone



The module Rabobank has utilities to take a Rabobank CSV export file of transactions, and transforming this into a QIF file ready for import into your accounting software. If your accounting software can't import Rabobank CSV files, most will be able to deal with QIF files.

The QIF file generated by this module will have the bare minimum amount of information, namely a description, amount of money to be credited or debited, account number, and the transaction date.

This module exports two functions namely toQif, which is the main function that will take a String of Rabobank CSV data and returns a String with QIF data, and baseName, which will generate a filename for the export file based on current date and time.



toQif :: String -> StringSource

This function turns a string containing Rabobank CSV data to a string containing QIF data, ready for writing to stdout or to a file.

baseName :: IO StringSource

baseName gets the current date and time and returns an 'IO String' with the timestamp and Rabobank_ as the prefix. This will be used as the filename (minus extension) for the exported QIF file.