rascal-1.1.6: A command-line client for Reddit

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Various utilities for rascal



letterizeLines :: [String] -> StringSource

add capital letter and separate by newlines at most 25 strings for a total of 4 chars

unescape :: String -> StringSource

Poor man's HTML entities unescaping

hrefs :: String -> [String]Source

extract links from some HTML

makeCmd :: (Char, String) -> StringSource

pretty print sort name with initial or selected letter highlighted

getFullSort :: Char -> Maybe StringSource

get full sort name from initial

indentString :: Int -> String -> String -> StringSource

add a prefix (e.g. indent) on the left for a string to be printed in given width note, because of unlines, a n ends each line

splitAt' :: Int -> String -> [String]Source

split a string to a list of substring of length <= n

cleanUp :: String -> Int -> StringSource

unescape and add newlines in order not to cut words

message :: String -> Int -> IO ()Source

display an informative message

waitKey :: Int -> IO ()Source

wait for a key press

openUrl :: String -> Int -> IO ()Source

open an url in a platform independent way