-- |The Core module exports all serializers and parsers,
--  types, and query functions of the library.

module Data.RDF (

  -- * Export types and query functions
  module Data.RDF.Types,
  module Data.RDF.Query,

  -- * Export RDF type class instances
  module Data.RDF.TriplesGraph,
  module Data.RDF.MGraph,

  -- * Export RDF parsers and serializers
  module Text.RDF.RDF4H.NTriplesSerializer,
  module Text.RDF.RDF4H.NTriplesParser,
  module Text.RDF.RDF4H.TurtleSerializer,
  module Text.RDF.RDF4H.TurtleParser,


import Data.RDF.Namespace
import Data.RDF.TriplesGraph
import Data.RDF.MGraph
import Text.RDF.RDF4H.NTriplesSerializer
import Text.RDF.RDF4H.TurtleSerializer
import Text.RDF.RDF4H.NTriplesParser
import Text.RDF.RDF4H.TurtleParser
import Data.RDF.Types
import Data.RDF.Query