reanimate- Animation library based on SVGs.

Safe HaskellNone



Parameters define the global context of an animation. They are set once before an animation is rendered and may not change during rendering.



data Raster Source #

Raster engines turn SVG images into pixels.



Do not use any external raster engine. Rely on the browser or ffmpeg.


Scan for installed raster engines and pick the fastest one.


Use Inkscape to raster SVG images.


Use rsvg-convert to raster SVG images.


Use imagemagick to raster SVG images.

Eq Raster Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Reanimate.Parameters


(==) :: Raster -> Raster -> Bool #

(/=) :: Raster -> Raster -> Bool #

Show Raster Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Reanimate.Parameters

type Width = Int Source #

Width of animation in pixels.

type Height = Int Source #

Height of animation in pixels.

type FPS = Int Source #

Framerate of animation in frames per second.

pRaster :: Raster Source #

Selected raster engine.

pFPS :: FPS Source #

Selected framerate.

pWidth :: Width Source #

Width of animation in pixel.

pHeight :: Height Source #

Height of animation in pixel.

pNoExternals :: Bool Source #

This parameter determined whether or not external tools are allowed. If this flag is True then tools such as latex and blender will not be invoked.

pRootDirectory :: FilePath Source #

Root directory of animation. Images and other data has to be placed here if they are referenced in an SVG image.

setRaster :: Raster -> IO () Source #

Set raster engine.

setFPS :: FPS -> IO () Source #

Set desired framerate.

setWidth :: Width -> IO () Source #

Set desired width of animation in pixel.

setHeight :: Height -> IO () Source #

Set desired height of animation in pixel.

setNoExternals :: Bool -> IO () Source #

Set whether external tools are allowed.

setRootDirectory :: FilePath -> IO () Source #

Set the root animation directory.