-- |
-- This module reexports the non-conflicting definitions from
-- the modules exported by this package,
-- providing a much more featureful alternative to the standard Prelude.
-- For details check out the source.
module Rebase.Prelude
  module Exports,

-- base-prelude
import BasePrelude as Exports hiding (fail, Alt, first, second)

-- base
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Identity as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Bifunctor as Exports
import Rebase.Data.List as Exports (List)

-- profunctors
import Rebase.Data.Profunctor.Unsafe as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Profunctor.Choice as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Profunctor.Strong as Exports

-- contravariant
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Contravariant as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Contravariant.Divisible as Exports

-- contravariant-extras
import Rebase.Contravariant.Extras as Exports

-- semigroups
import Rebase.Data.Semigroup as Exports hiding ((<>), Last(..), First(..))
import Rebase.Data.List.NonEmpty as Exports (NonEmpty)

-- semigroupoids
import Rebase.Data.Semigroupoid as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Bifunctor.Apply as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Alt as Exports hiding (($>), many, some)
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Apply as Exports hiding (($>))
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Bind as Exports hiding (join, ($>))
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Extend as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Functor.Plus as Exports hiding (($>), some, many)
import Rebase.Data.Semigroup.Bifoldable as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Semigroup.Bitraversable as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Semigroup.Foldable as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Semigroup.Traversable as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Semigroupoid as Exports

-- deepseq
import Rebase.Control.DeepSeq as Exports

-- transformers
import Rebase.Control.Monad.IO.Class as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Class as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Cont as Exports hiding (shift, callCC)
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Except as Exports (ExceptT(ExceptT), Except, except, runExcept, runExceptT, mapExcept, mapExceptT, withExcept, withExceptT)
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Maybe as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Reader as Exports (Reader, runReader, mapReader, withReader, ReaderT(ReaderT), runReaderT, mapReaderT, withReaderT)
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.State.Strict as Exports (State, runState, evalState, execState, mapState, withState, StateT(StateT), runStateT, evalStateT, execStateT, mapStateT, withStateT)
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Writer.Strict as Exports (Writer, runWriter, execWriter, mapWriter, WriterT(..), execWriterT, mapWriterT)

-- mtl
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Cont.Class as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Error.Class as Exports hiding (Error(..))
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Reader.Class as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.State.Class as Exports
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Writer.Class as Exports

-- either
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Trans.Either as Exports hiding (left, right)
import Rebase.Data.Either.Combinators as Exports hiding (isLeft, isRight, mapLeft, mapRight, fromLeft, fromRight)
import Rebase.Data.Either.Validation as Exports

-- fail
import Rebase.Control.Monad.Fail as Exports

-- hashable
import Rebase.Data.Hashable as Exports

-- containers
import Rebase.Data.IntMap.Strict as Exports (IntMap)
import Rebase.Data.IntSet as Exports (IntSet)
import Rebase.Data.Map.Strict as Exports (Map)
import Rebase.Data.Sequence as Exports (Seq)
import Rebase.Data.Set as Exports (Set)

-- unordered-containers
import Rebase.Data.HashSet as Exports (HashSet)
import Rebase.Data.HashMap.Strict as Exports (HashMap)

-- vector
import Rebase.Data.Vector as Exports (Vector)

-- bytestring
import Rebase.Data.ByteString as Exports (ByteString)

-- text
import Rebase.Data.Text as Exports (Text)

-- scientific
import Rebase.Data.Scientific as Exports (Scientific)

-- uuid
import Rebase.Data.UUID as Exports (UUID)

-- dlist
import Rebase.Data.DList as Exports (DList)

-- void
import Rebase.Data.Void as Exports
import Rebase.Data.Void.Unsafe as Exports

-- time
import Rebase.Data.Time as Exports

-- stm
import Rebase.Control.Concurrent.STM as Exports

-- custom
import Rebase.Data.List1 as Exports (List1)