Changelog for record-dot-preprocessor-0.2

Changelog for record-dot-preprocessor 0.2, released 2019-03-29 Add a GHC source plugin Support for e{} Support for ( a.b{c=d} now equivalent to (a.b){c=d}, previously was a{b.c=d} 0.1.5, released 2019-02-09 #10, support fields named 'x' 0.1.4, released 2018-09-07 Licensed under BSD-3-Clause OR Apache-2.0 0.1.3, released 2018-07-26 Give a unique name to each _preprocessor_unused 0.1.2, released 2018-07-26 Make qualified types in records work Add LINE droppings to get approximate line numbers correct Don't depend on anything not imported from Control.Lens 0.1.1, released 2018-05-09 Handle - as an update operator Be compatible with qualified imports 0.1, released 2018-05-06 Initial version