reflex-dom-contrib-0.4.1: A playground for experimenting with infrastructure and common code for reflex applications

Safe HaskellNone




setUrl :: MonadWidget t m => Event t String -> m () Source

setupHistoryHandler :: Window -> (String -> IO ()) -> IO () Source

js_setupHistoryHandler :: JSVal -> Callback (JSVal -> IO ()) -> IO () Source

routeSite :: (String -> Widget Spider (Gui Spider (WithWebView SpiderHost) SpiderHostFrame) (Event Spider String)) -> IO () Source

Handles routing for a site. The argument to this function is a widget function with the effective type signature `String -> m (Event t String)`. The String parameter is the initial value of the window location pathname. The return value is an event that updates the window location. routeSite :: (forall t m a. (MonadWidget t m) => (String -> m (Event t String))) -> IO ()