reform-0.2.1: reform is an HTML form generation and validation library

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This module contains two classes. FormInput is a class which is parameterized over the input type used to represent form data in different web frameworks. There should be one instance for each framework, such as Happstack, Snap, WAI, etc.

The FormError class is used to map error messages into an application specific error type.



data CommonFormError input Source

an error type used to represent errors that are common to all backends

These errors should only occur if there is a bug in the reform-* packages. Perhaps we should make them an Exception so that we can get rid of the FormError class.


Eq input => Eq (CommonFormError input) 
Ord input => Ord (CommonFormError input) 
Show input => Show (CommonFormError input) 



:: (input -> String)

show input in a format suitable for error messages

-> CommonFormError input

a CommonFormError

-> String 

some default error messages for CommonFormError

class FormError e whereSource

A Class to lift a CommonFormError into an application-specific error type

Associated Types

type ErrorInputType e Source

class FormInput input whereSource

Class which all backends should implement.

Associated Types

type FileType input Source

input is here the type that is used to represent a value uploaded by the client in the request.


getInputString :: (FormError error, ErrorInputType error ~ input) => input -> Either error StringSource

Parse the input into a string. This is used for simple text fields among other things

getInputStrings :: input -> [String]Source

Should be implemented

getInputText :: (FormError error, ErrorInputType error ~ input) => input -> Either error TextSource

Parse the input value into Text

getInputTexts :: input -> [Text]Source

Can be overriden for efficiency concerns

getInputFile :: (FormError error, ErrorInputType error ~ input) => input -> Either error (FileType input)Source

Get a file descriptor for an uploaded file