regex: A Regular Expression Toolkit for regex-base

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A Regular Expression Toolkit for regex-base with Compile-time checking of RE syntax, data types for matches and captures, a text replacement toolkit, portable options, high-level AWK-like tools for building text processing apps, regular expression macros and test bench, a tutorial and copious examples.

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Dependenciesarray (>=0.4), base (==4.*), bytestring (>=, containers (>=0.4), directory (>=, hashable (>=, heredoc (>=, regex, regex-base (>=0.93.2), regex-pcre-builtin (>=, regex-tdfa (>=1.2.1), regex-tdfa-text (>=, shelly (>=, smallcheck (>=1.1.1), tasty (>=, tasty-hunit (>=0.9.2), tasty-smallcheck (>=, template-haskell (>=2.7), text (>=, time (>=, transformers (>=, unordered-containers (>= [details]
CopyrightChris Dornan 2016-2017
AuthorChris Dornan
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Executablesre-tutorial, re-pp, re-nginx-log-processor, re-include, re-gen-modules
UploadedMon Jan 30 20:48:20 UTC 2017 by ChrisDornan



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regex: A Regular Expression Toolkit for regex-base

regex extends regex-base with:


The Web Page

We have a web page with a tutorial, a major example and and more examples than you can shake a stick at (most of them used in the package itself).

The Macro Tables

The macro environments are an important part of the package and they are documented in these tables.