Changelog for regex-examples-

-*-change-log-*- Chris Dornan <> 2017-02-20 * remove library from regex-examples (#43) Chris Dornan <> 2017-02-19 * Split off the tutorial tests and examples into regex-examples, leaving just the library in regex Chris Dornan <> 2017-02-18 * Cabal file generated from a DRY template * Library dependencies minimised, test depndencies moved into examples/re-tests * A proper static website generated by 're-prep all' * README/sidebar Badges are a static record of current release with links to a live build-status reporting on HEAD * Added !$, !$?, !$$ and !$$? alternatives for looking up captures in a Match * Text.RE.Parsers now generate Text where they were generating String * %nat, %int, %frac and %hex get their new names Chris Dornan <> 2017-01-30 * Fix for Windows * Remove hsyslog dependency * Establish Travis CI, AppVeyor and integrations * Fix time parser to use Fixed arithmetic * Miscelaneous minor adjustments Chris Dornan <> 2017-01-26 * First public release