regex-tdfa-0.97.4: Accurate POSIX extended regular expression library



This is a POSIX version of parseRegex that allows NUL characters. LazyPossessiveBackrefs are not recognized. Anchors ^ and $ are not recognized.



parseRegex :: String -> Either ParseError (Pattern, (GroupIndex, DoPa))Source

Return either an error message or a tuple of the Pattern and the largest group index and the largest DoPa index (both have smallest index of 1). Since the regular expression is supplied as [Char] it automatically supports unicode and '\NUL' characters.

decodePatternSet :: PatternSet -> Set CharSource

decodePatternSet cannot handle collating element and treats equivalence classes as just their definition and nothing more.

legalCharacterClasses :: [String]Source

This is the list of recognized [: :] character classes, others are decoded as empty.