Metadata revisions for regex-tdfa-utf8-1.0

Package maintainers and Hackage trustees are allowed to edit certain bits of package metadata after a release, without uploading a new tarball. Note that the tarball itself is never changed, just the metadata that is stored separately. For more information about metadata revisions, please refer to the Hackage Metadata Revisions FAQ.

No. Time User SHA256
-r1 (regex-tdfa-utf8-1.0-r1) 2015-11-09T19:51:50Z phadej 81e8b881e28f1943ad542e543795c1db7dcb3644311b029da4b1c110aba5997c
-r0 (regex-tdfa-utf8-1.0-r0) 2009-03-22T15:29:23Z ChrisKuklewicz df3912ecd2e5d6b815fa5b1d42bbad1931916102520892aaee9150f1743909bb