Changelog for regexdot-

2010-11-18 Dr. Alistair Ward <regexdot at functionalley dot eu> * First version of the package. * Reacted to major-number changes in the package 'ToolShed-'. * Created "src/RegExDot/" sub-directory & then modified module-names accordingly. * Pacified 'hlint'. * Added a makefile. * Removed awkward unary operators from 'Repeatable.hs'. * Qualified identifiers used in error-messages. * Ported to ghc-7.0.1: Used definitions of 'NFData' & 'rnf' from new package 'deepseq', rather than 'parallel'. Replaced reference to the deprecated function 'Control.Parallel.Strategies.parFlatMap' with @concat . Control.Parallel.Strategies.parMap@. * Set @threaded@ flag to @True@ by default. * Replaced use of @threaded@-flag in source-code, with CABAL CPP-macro. * Relocated "RegExDot.Options" to "ToolShed.Options". * Renamed package from 'RegExDot' to 'regexdot', for compatibility with Debian's ".deb"-format. * Added manually controlled "llvm" flag to "regexdot.cabal". * Changed identifier for type-parameters, to better reflect its role. * Reacted to the creation of module "ToolShed.Defaultable". * Uploaded to <>. * Amended 'regexdot.cabal' to more correctly specify dependency on package 'toolshed'. * Used new module "ToolShed.Pair" from package toolshed- * Guarded 'eager-blackholing' flag in cabal file. * Replaced '(+ 1)' and '(- 1)' with the faster calls 'succ' and 'pred', in "RegExDot.RegEx". * Reacted to new module-hierarchy, creation of new module "ToolShed.Data.List.Splits" and addition of method 'ToolShed.SelfValidate.getErrors', in toolshed-, and used it to improved error-reporting in @instance Read RegExDot.RegEx.ExtendedRegEx@. * Minor reworking of 'RegExDot.Repeatable.repeatableParser'. * Replaced "System" with "System.Environment" and "System.Exit". * Added class 'Eq' to the context of 'RegExDot.RegEx.safeReciprocal', for migration to 'ghc-7.4'. * Removed comments referring to deleted module "ToolShed.Unsafe", from "RegExDot.RegEx". * Removed 'Show' from the context of functions in "RegExDot.RegEx" * Exported a new constant 'RegExDot.Anchor.unanchored'. * Refactored 'RegExDot.ConsumptionProfile.withinConsumptionBounds'.