regular-0.1: Generic programming library for regular datatypes.Source codeContentsIndex

Summary: Top-level module for this library. By importing this module, the user is able to use all the generic functionality. The user is only required to provide an instance of Regular for the datatype.

Consider a datatype representing logical expressions:

  data Logic = Var String
             | Logic :->:  Logic  -- implication
             | Logic :<->: Logic  -- equivalence
             | Logic :&&:  Logic  -- and (conjunction)
             | Logic :||:  Logic  -- or (disjunction)
             | Not Logic          -- not
             | T                  -- true
             | F                  -- false

An instance of Regular is derived with TH by invoking:

  $(deriveConstructors ''Logic)
  $(deriveRegular ''Logic "PFLogic")
  type instance PF Logic = PFLogic
module Generics.Regular.Base
module Generics.Regular.Functions
module Generics.Regular.TH
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