Changelog for regular-

version 0.3.4: - Change template-haskell dependency to allow building with ghc-7.4.1. version 0.3.3: - Change template-haskell dependency to allow building with ghc-7.2.1. version 0.3.2: - Add missing S case to eq. version 0.3.1: - Fix a bug in the Template Haskell code (thanks to version 0.3.0: - Remove gdseq (moved to the regular-extras package due to the introduction of the deepseq dependency). version 0.2.4: - Export Assoc(..) from Generics.Regular.Functions.Crush (thanks to Martijn van Steenbergen). version 0.2.3: - Replaced the flag on the cabal package by an explicit test on the ghc version. This makes it easier to build on ghc-6.12. version 0.2.2: - Update to build with ghc-6.12: require template-haskell-2.4.*, adapt Generics.Regular.TH accordingly and use CPP to maintain compatibility with ghc-6.10 version 0.2.1: - Do not export generic equality by default to avoid clashes with Prelude - Turn I and K into newtypes version 0.2: - Separated generic functions per modules - Added generic unfold - Added record selectors - Improved generic show, added showsPrec - Added generic read - Added generic deep seq - Added constructor names version 0.1: initial release