regular-xmlpickler-0.1.2: Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular.

MaintainertypLAB <>



Generic XmlPickler. This module allows you to generically convert your datatype to and from XML. If you don't want the (G)XmlPickler instances for Bool and String, use Generic.Regular.XmlPickler.Function instead.



gxpickle :: (Regular a, GXmlPickler (PF a)) => PU aSource

The generic pickler. Uses a tag for each constructor with the lower case constructor name, and a tag for each record field with the lower case field name. Most values are pickled using their own XmlPickler instance, and Strings are pickled as possibly empty text nodes.

class GXmlPickler f whereSource

The generic XmlPickler class. This gives generic xml picklers for the functors from Generics.Regular. These are usually not used directly.


gxpicklef :: PU a -> PU (f a)Source