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This module exports all extra-related stuff. The extra modules are not exported by default, but you can easily bring them to every module in your package by modifying your Prelude file.



Additional combinators for Bifunctor.

Useful functions to extract information from CallStack.

Extra utilities for types that implement Bounded and Enum constraints.

Extra folds for instances of the Foldable typeclass. Currently, just a short-circuitable left fold foldlSC.

Foldable1 is a typeclass like Foldable but for non-empty structures. For example, NonEmpty, Identity.

Foldable1 has all type-safe and total methods like head1, maximum1 in contradiction with Foldable.

Grouping functions, polymorphic on return Map type.

Minimal implementation of lens package required for basic usage.

The typeclass for Map-like data structures.

Generic functions that automatically work for any newtype.

Functions for working with tuples.

Functions for inspecting and working with types.

Validation data type.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Relude.Extra.Validation is deprecated in favour of validation-selective.