repa-io- Read and write Repa arrays in various formats.



Read and write matrices as ASCII text files.

The file format is like:

	MATRIX			-- header
	100 100			-- width and height
	1.23 1.56 1.23 ...	-- data, separated by whitespace



readMatrixFromTextFile :: (Elt a, Num a, Read a) => FilePath -> IO (Array DIM2 a)Source

Read a matrix from a text file. WARNING: This is implemented fairly naively, just using Strings under the covers. It will be slow for large data files.

It also doesn't do graceful error handling. If the file has the wrong format you'll get a confusing error.

writeMatrixToTextFile :: (Elt a, Show a) => FilePath -> Array DIM2 a -> IO ()Source

Write a matrix as a text file.