repa-io- Read and write Repa arrays in various formats.

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Timing utilities used for benchmarks in the repa-examples package.



data Time Source

Abstract representation of process time.

milliseconds :: TimeUnitSource

cpuTime :: TimeUnit -> Time -> IntegerSource

wallTime :: TimeUnit -> Time -> IntegerSource

time :: IO a -> IO (a, Time)Source

Time some IO action. Make sure to deepseq the result before returning it from the action. If you don't do this then there's a good chance that you'll just pass a suspension out of the action, and the computation time will be zero.

minus :: Time -> Time -> TimeSource

Subtract second time from the first.

plus :: Time -> Time -> TimeSource

Add two times.

showTime :: Time -> StringSource

Show a time as a string, in milliseconds.

prettyTime :: Time -> StringSource

Pretty print the times, in milliseconds.