rsagl-0.2.1: The RogueStar Animation and Graphics LibrarySource codeContentsIndex
type AniM a = StateT TimePlusSceneAccumulator IO aSource
data TimePlusSceneAccumulator Source
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frameTime :: AniM TimeSource
runAniM :: AniM (a, Camera) -> IO (a, Scene)Source
rotationM :: Vector3D -> Rate Angle -> AniM AffineTransformationSource
animateM :: AniM AffineTransformation -> AniM b -> AniM bSource
rotateM :: Vector3D -> Rate Angle -> AniM a -> AniM aSource
type AniA t i o j p = FRPX Threaded t i o (StateArrow SceneAccumulator (->)) j pSource
data AnimationObject i o Source
newAnimationObjectM :: (i -> AniM o) -> AnimationObject i oSource
newAnimationObjectA :: AniA1 i o i o -> IO (AnimationObject i o)Source
runAnimationObject :: AnimationObject i o -> i -> AniM oSource
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