rsagl- The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library




odometer :: (CoordinateSystemClass s, StateOf m ~ s) => CoordinateSystem -> Vector3D -> FRP e m () RSdoubleSource

Measures the distance traveled, by the origin of the local coordinate system, as measured in a remote coordinate system, in terms of a vector in the local coordinate system.

For example, if we are animating a model of a wheel, we could put an odometer at the bottom-most point of the wheel, and then rotate the wheel according to the result. The wheel would seem to turn as it travels, but would not turn when dragged sidewise.

inertia :: (CoordinateSystemClass s, StateOf m ~ s) => CoordinateSystem -> Point3D -> FRP e m () (Acceleration Vector3D)Source

Measures the (presumed) acceleration due to inertia of a point in the local coordinate system, relative to a (presumably) inertial frame a reference.