rsagl- The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library




extrude :: Curve (Either Point3D Vector3D) -> Curve Point3D -> Curve (Curve Point3D) -> Surface Point3DSource

The most general form of an extrusion. Requires first a control curve for orientation, for example the center of a torus or a vector that simply never runs parallel to the spine. Second, the spine of the extrusion, and third the shape to be extruded.

The +Y axis of the shape will be oriented toward the control curve.

extrudeTube :: Curve RSdouble -> Curve Point3D -> Surface Point3DSource

A tubular extrusion using taking a radius and a spine.

extrudePrism :: Vector3D -> (Point3D, RSdouble) -> (Point3D, RSdouble) -> Curve Point3D -> Surface Point3DSource

An extrusion whose spine is a straight line, with radii specified at both ends. In this case only the extruded shape needs to be specified as a curve.