rsagl- The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library




traceScattering :: (Point3D -> Scattering) -> (Point3D -> (Vector3D, RGB)) -> SamplingAlgorithm (RGB, RGB) -> Point3D -> Point3D -> Samples (RGB, RGB)Source

traceAbsorbtion :: (Point3D -> Scattering) -> SamplingAlgorithm RGB -> Point3D -> Point3D -> Samples RGBSource

linearSamples :: SamplingAlgorithm aSource

adaptiveSamples :: AdaptiveSample a => SamplingAlgorithm aSource

adaptiveSamples tries to selectively subdivide samples that seem most "conspicuous" using a user-supplied "conspicuous-ness" function. This should give a better result in less samples for highly detailed media models, but is likely to be slower that linearSamples for the same number of samples.