rsagl-math- The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library: Mathematics




data BoundingBox Source

A simple bounding box. Operations on bounding boxes are designed to be fast, not accurate. The only guarantee on any bounding box operation is that objects reported to be outside a bounding box, are.

class Bound3D a whereSource

A convenience class for any finite geometry. In particular, it's easy to concatenate the bounding box of multiple geometries by placing them in a list and taking the bounding box of the entire list.

boundingCenterRadius :: BoundingBox -> (Point3D, RSdouble)Source

View of a bounding box in the form of a bounding spehre.

minimalDistanceToBoundingBox :: Point3D -> BoundingBox -> RSdoubleSource

Estimates distance between a point and the outside surface of a bounding box. If the value is negative, then the point lies inside the bound region.