Changelog for scientific-

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* Parameterize inclusion of the Data.ByteString.Builder.Scientific
  module using the bytestring-builder flag. Disabling this flag
  allows building on GHC-7.0.4 which has bytestring-0.9 installed
  by default.

* Add the floatingOrInteger function
* Fix build on GHC-7.0.4
* More efficient and better behaving magnitude computation
* Lower the number of cached magnitudes to 324 (same as GHC.Float)

* Don't normalize on construction but do it when pretty-printing
  instead. Also provide a manual normalize function.
* Improve efficiency of toRealFloat
* Added note about caching magnitudes
* Dropped dependency on arithmoi
* Make benchmark easier to build
* Add junit XML output support (for Jenkins)

* Lower the minimal QuickCheck version.
* Make sure sized exponents are generated in the QuickCheck tests.

* Fix build for bytestring-0.10.0.*

* Fix a DoS vulnerability that allowed an attacker to crash the
  process by sending a scientific with a huge exponent like
* Fix various RealFrac methods.
* Cache some powers of 10 to speed up the magnitude computation.
* Normalize scientific numbers on construction.
* Move the Text Builder to its own module &
  provide a ByteString builder
* Added more documentation

    * Widen the dreaded pointlessly tight upper bounds

* Support the latest versions of smallcheck and tasty

* added deriving data

* Loosen upper bounds on package versions

* Fixed bugs & Changed API

* Support building the library on GHC >= 7.0.1

* Simplification in the Show instance
* Optimization in fromRealFloat

* Initial commit